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Brands are the ultimate multitaskers

They have to represent your business accurately, appeal to your ideal customers, be adaptable enough to withstand changing trends, be flexible enough to grow with your business and remain consistent both online and offline. Branding isn’t just a logo design and colour scheme anymore. It’s your entire business personality which shines through in everything you do so it’s vital to get it right either from the very start of your business or in a full/partial rebrand.

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Unique brand design as individual as your business

As brands need to be as individual as the companies they represent, our branding experts at Spoken take the time to get to know our clients’ businesses in depth so we can build a brand perfectly suited to that business.  We also conduct extensive research into each clients’ industry, their customers, their competitors and their target market.  Once we have established exactly what kind of branding would suit their business and put this together with their preferences, we can put forward a branding proposal which will be continually refined during the entire process.

A strategy that grows with you

Like everything in a business that wants to thrive long term, brands have to be future proof.  Technology, tastes and fashion move so quickly that inflexible brands can look dated very quickly so we create brands that can retain their distinctive look while moving with the times to stay fresh and relevant.  Similarly, businesses that last, grow so their brands need to be flexible enough to encompass expansion and diversification.

Our services

  • Brand Workshop
  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationery Suite
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Corporate Office Signage
  • Responsive Website Design

Our branding process


Brand Discovery

In-depth discussions allow us to discover as much as possible about the business, the customers they would like to connect with and what they would like their brand to achieve in addition to any specific likes and preferences.


Brand Concepts

The initial brand ideas such as logo designs, colour schemes, fonts, imagery etc are collated and the client has the chance to see exactly what they like, what they don’t like and what they would like done slightly differently.


Brand Refinement

Once the initial brand ideas are approved, we can start getting to the specifics of colour shade choices, where they should be used, logo lockups for different settings, how certain fonts should be used and the overall look of the brand.


Brand Guidelines

We create extensive brand guidelines to make sure colours, fonts, imagery, logos, style and tone of all the branding used across any media remain consistent both online and offline.


Brand Execution

Once we have brand guidelines to work from, we can create branded material for the company’s website, social media channels, print media, promotional items and anything else use to promote the business.


Brand Support

Once we have created a brand, we can support the business going forward in maintaining and evolving it by creating marketing material that perfectly fits the brand such as flyers, infographics, social media imagery etc.

Unique, memorable branding

When Spoken create a brand for our clients, we make sure it is absolutely consistent across all media including checking that all the colours used are exactly the same shade, type fonts are used consistently and pictures have a uniform look.  We can design everything to promote your brand including your website, logo, name and tagline, photography, video, leaflets, brochures and any other printed material or online advertising.

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