Mentoring with Young Enterprise

Director Lisa Seymour has been appointed as a mentor and advisor to Year 10 and 11 pupils at Roedean School For Girls, with their Young Enterprise Business. 

"I have had my fair share of first-hand experience with teenagers and all the ups and downs that comes with their ever changing lives. Contrary to popular opinion, it was without doubt my favourite part of parenting. Their tenacity, confidence and sheer determination amazed and inspired me. So when I was approached by Young Enterprise to mentor a group of young women at Roedean School. I jumped at the chance! 

I am there in an advisory capacity, bringing real life experience to a company that the students have developed. Taking their own product to market, and with a keen eye for design and development they have seen a great response from shoppers at local farmers markets and events across Sussex. Marbellous, like most companies found their biggest challenge has been communication. Hearing, as well as being heard. Becoming fixated on their job title, rather than being able to adapt to the given situation. 

With the academic year fast approaching the students are tasked with writing a company report and closing the company down. I am excited to be attending the finals or Young Enterprise in the next couple of weeks and i am very proud of what Marbellous has achieved. Go team Marbellous!"

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