In an ordinary world of PR and marketing, August takes an extraordinary approach to helping global brands, dynamic SMEs, business leaders and entrepreneurs to grow through winning high profile awards and recognition, and via bespoke personal branding strategies.

August stands out for its genuine interest in helping clients to reach their goals, nurturing and guiding them to win only the most appropriate and prestigious awards and recognition.

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Feminine, yet discerning. Soft, yet directional. August drives clients to achieve success, and our focus was on bringing that ethos to life.

August’s values were key to the brand development and must reflect the high calibre of award entries and nominations crafted for well-known brands and inspirational individuals.

Using a subtle, contemporary colour palette and bespoke hand illustrated fonts, we delivered a unique, original identity that puts August ahead of the competition, whilst keeping the clients in the spotlight.

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We were given the responsibility of creating the brand from end-to-end. Starting with a new name, through to building a unique website, creating social media marketing materials, and finally print. To create a new brand name we explored the linguistic and academic background of the company founder, pairing this with the outcomes delivered to clients. Once we had discovered ‘August’ there was no going back; meaning ‘respected and impressive’ it was the perfect fit all round.

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August Prints
“Spoken created a whole new brand that gives us the ability to expand our services whilst reflecting the true spirit of our work.
Client Feedback

“Spoken are a pleasure to work with, they took the time to understand our business goals and unique values before creating a whole new brand that gives us the ability to expand our services whilst reflecting the true spirit of our work.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spoken to anyone looking for an exceptional brand development company that truly cares about its clients.”

Donna O’Toole, Managing Director


Helping to grow exponentially

We designed a bespoke, responsive website that would give a subtle nod to the high-level recognition programmes August is known for winning, whilst providing a valuable resource for an audience looking for awards and personal branding opportunities. As a brand that had grown organically through word of mouth recommendation and endorsement, the new online platform has empowered the brand to grow exponentially and engage with a wider target audience.

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