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Redefining a new position forTicketmedia

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Ticketmedia provide cutting edge ticket advertising for a wide range of brands and businesses. Offering a globally recognised service to agencies, blue chip companies, and SMEs, they are growing year on year and are now positioned at the forefront of the advertising industry.

Ticket Media Business Cards
Photography for the Ticketmedia website
Illustrations for the Ticketmedia website

How we helped

We were conscious that Ticketmedia felt passionate about their existing colour scheme, so we built on their suite of visual icons, keeping their colours whilst evolving the entire Ticketmedia look to engage the audience at every turn. Over 40 illustrations were designed and applied to the website and various printed materials to demonstrate Ticketmedia's qualities.

Multi coloured business cards for Ticket Media
Example of a Ticketmedia Oyster card
Ticketmedia Business Card

An engaging user experience

Following the rebrand, we wanted to improve the customer journey, making the Ticketmedia website a pleasure to negotiate whilst driving user behaviour and engagement. We refreshed formats and layouts to drive conversions, and exchanged words for images; allowing Ticketmedia’s story and services to be communicated via over 40 visually appealing icons, illustrations and imagery with stand out results.

Web design for the Ticketmedia home page
Home page call to actions on the Ticketmedia website
“I am confident the website will increase engagement and drive new business for us in future.
Client Feedback

Spoken recently developed a fantastic new brand and website for us. We wanted to move our online presence forward, clearly demonstrating what we do and better engaging with users. From the very beginning of the project their approach was extremely professional and insightful.

They provided a clear plan for what they would deliver and how, ensuring our objectives would be met. The creative team brought what we do to life, through the use of infographics which we can now also use to support our business through other channels.

Tiffany Mattson, Business Development Director

Mobile screens
Logo gallery of clients that Ticketmedia work with
Example of a web page design for Ticketmedia
Ipad screens

Other featured work

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